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What Is Estate Planning?

At DKMO, the primary goal of estate planning is providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing their concerns for the future were addressed.

In general, estate planning extends your intentions, values, patterns, and priorities to future circumstances in which you will not be able to actively participate. It produces a plan that will strengthen and preserve financial security and order for your loved ones and yourself. Goals of estate planning include

  • gauging whether your lifetime goals are being pursued in the most direct and balanced way;
  • identifying opportunities to enhance and leverage your situation;
  • providing an opportunity to create safeguards for the protection and preservation of your assets;
  • identifying difficult areas or issues and providing you with an opportunity to cure them now with your help (rather than later without your help);
  • assuring your family that the appropriate mechanisms are in place for their future security; and
  • providing an orderly and fair means of managing and distributing your property in case of your disability or death.

Estate planning is a present investment to provide current and future accumulation and conservation of assets.  It is more than just having a will.

Be certain you understand what an estate plan really is and determine if you have a good one.

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