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Probate & Trust Administration

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Probate & Trust Administration

The death of a loved one is painful and confusing. In addition to emotional suffering, families are often confronted with unexpected questions, difficult issues and complicated procedures. Our goal is to make things a little easier by patiently explaining the process, answering questions and then prioritizing and completing or helping you complete the necessary tasks.

Our Probate & Trust Administration team is experienced in all types and sizes of estates, including testate (with a will), intestate (without a will), and trusts. We know what to do first, what can wait, what requires going to court and what you can do on your own. Contact our Probate and Trust lawyer team with any questions or concerns.

Probate Legal Services
  • Decedents Estates
  • Contested Claims
  • Citations
  • Accountings
  • Distributions
  • Trustee Services
  • Tax Returns
  • Guardianships