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What They Say About Us

With decades of experience we are proud to have represented many happy clients.

Dolores D., Arlington Heights

“Thank you for your patience in explaining our best options and keeping us advised.”

Jeffrey R., Elk Grove Village

“In today’s business world it is hard to find people with the integrity and caring you possess. You have restored our hope that not everyone is out for whatever they can get.”

John C., Mt. Prospect

“We would like to thank you for your expertise. We feel like a heavy burden has been lifted from us and now we can enjoy life more.”

Maria Y.

“Thank you for all the work you did for us. Your professionalism and compassion has been greatly appreciated.”

“Thank you so much for your incredible patience and aid to us in completing our wills. Please know we are grateful to have found such a trusted lawyer.”

Jean H., Arlington Heights

“On behalf of my siblings and myself, I would like to thank you and your staff for all you have done for us. Your kind manner and professionalism has made my job easier and helped to make me feel a little more comfortable during a difficult time.”

Phyllis R., Arlington Heights

“I have comfort in knowing you are available whenever I need you.”

Janet C., Arlington Heights

“Thank you for the way we were treated in your office. Your care and sensitivity in helping us with our situation was greatly appreciated. Such kindness is a gift.”

Helen C., Arlington Heights

“I feel so safe knowing you are there.”

Karen K., Arlington Heights

“You were so patient, kind, and validating. You made everything so simple to understand and kept the steps to be taken in perspective.”

Marilyn and Howard L., Arlington Heights

“You helped make a rough time easier.”

Peggy R., Chicago

“Thank you for the extreme kindness and understanding you showed towards me. I’ll never forget your saying, ‘Don’t worry-we’ll take care of you.’ You spent a long time talking to me to calm me down - and listening - really listening.”

Tom, Jean, and Kathy, Chicago

“Your intelligence, direction, diligence, fortitude and tenacity kept us out of court and brought us to this conclusion. You knew what to say and just when to say it to opposing counsel and you always dealt with our concerns in a very timely, understanding, patient and compassionate way. We can’t thank you enough for all you did to help our family.”

John and Sue S., Park Ridge

“We are very pleased with the final result of the contract and our reincorporation. Your prompt response to all our legal needs and the attention you gave to protecting our interests were truly appreciated.”

Dan B., Oak Creek, WI

“Thank you for all of your efforts in attaining this settlement. I am very pleased with the outcome.”

Barbara and Ronald J., Rolling Meadows

“Thank you so much for making the changes in our trust. We really appreciate your kindness. Your mother did a wonderful job raising you to be such a caring and kind young man. We’re so glad to have met you.”

Corporate Client, Chicago

“Thank You! For practical and sound legal counsel. For keeping our best interest always at heart. For navigating our very sticky employment contracts. For perpetually keeping us on the outside of the courtroom.”

Chris Z., Lombard

“I want to thank you again for helping me with not only paperwork issues, but also family issues, house issues and everything. You really helped lighten the load.”

Marilyn M., Arlington Heights

“It was a difficult time in our family’s life this past summer. You helped us a great deal. You were understanding and explained the legal issues so we could understand. Thanks again.”

Teddy C., Chicago

“Thank you for the wonderful service you gave me. You were all so pleasant to me, on the phone and on my office visits.”

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